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Justin Bieber may buy land In Colorado and become a pot farmer

 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber recently announced that he was retiring from the music business.

The iRumors News Agency is now reporting that the Canadian singer is considering purchasing some land in the marijuana haven state of Colorado and becoming a pot farmer.

Bieber spoke with Vodka Vermicelli of iRumors and said that he figures that by being a pot farmer he will keep busy and thus stay out of trouble.

He added that everyone knows that the Colorado pot industry will be booming as people from every state in the nation as well as from many countries will be moving to The Rocky Mountain State since one can now legally purchase marijuana from pot stores located in every city in the state.

Justin smiled as he said that he read in American Spotlight Magazine that pot farming will definitely end up surpassing corn farming, dairy cattle farming, wheat farming, potato farming, and chicken farming by the end of 2014.

SIDENOTE: Bieber told iRumors that if he does move to Colorado and gets into marijuana farming he will be throwing some fantastic happy smoke parties that will rival any happy smoke party in Hollywood.

Source: The Spoof – Justin Bieber Thinking About Buying Some Land In Colorado And Becoming A Pot Farmer (SATIRE)

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