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President Obama says America is fed up with the spoiled brat antics of Justin Bieber so I am deporting him back to Canada

Canadian Flag

Canadian Flag

If President Obama gets his wish, little Justin Bieber will be sitting in his mom’s Canadian home by Valentine’s Day.

The president has stated that he is sick and tired of getting thousands and thousands of complaints from good, hard-working, red-blooded Americans asking him to do something about the horrible attitude that Justin Bieber has developed over the past year.

They have mentioned that the singer known as The Biebs has disrespected every single aspect of American culture.

Bieber has received several tickets for speeding, driving without a license, failure to properly maintain his windshield wipers, and for shooting the finger at an SUV loaded with Boston nuns who were visiting The Tarzan & Jane Petting Zoo in Tarzana.

Many of the people that have voiced their complaints are of African-American descent and they resent Justin Bieber trying to act as if he is a black hip hop rap artist.

SIDENOTE: President Obama has stated that America has had enough of the little Canadian problem child who he says will find his little spoiled brat butt back on Canadian soil quicker than Kirstie Alley can finish a bag of Taco-Flavored Doritos.

Source: The Spoof – President Obama: America Is Fed Up With The Spoiled Brat Antics Of Justin Bieber So I Am Acting To Have Him Deported Back To Canada (SATIRE)

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