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Craig was born in Goulburn, Australia, and attended North Goulburn and Bradfordville Public Schools. Later, his family moved to Sydney, where he attended Heathcote High School.

Over the next 30 years, he attended several universities and colleges, completing a Graduate Certificate (PGCE) in Education (TESOL), Degree in Training and Development (Educational Management), Associate Degree in Adult Education, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40116), Certificate IV in Media and Communication, Certificate III in Accounting and Certificate III in Information Technology.

He became a volunteer with the Bush Fire Brigade, State Emergency Services (SES) and St John Ambulance. Later, he was employed by the SES to train Controllers and Training Officers from 16 towns in southern NSW, based in Goulburn.

Craig first worked in the National Bank of Australasia Limited (now National Australia Bank), before embarking on a three year journey around Australia. It was during this time that his love of travel and writing took hold, which is still evidenced in his work today.

Returning to Goulburn, he accepted an offer to work as a prison guard at Australia’s toughest maximum security jail in that city. It was during this time that he became aware of the injustices inflicted on Australia’s Indigenous population, which influenced much of his later work.

After four years working there, he again travelled Australia, then returned to Goulburn where he became Chairman and Coordinator of the local Red Cross. He also organised the formation of a local branch of Australians For Reconciliation, of which he became Chairman, and the city’s representative at the Canberra Reconciliation Council. He had a weekly column in the Goulburn Post about the Reconciliation matters in the district.

Craig moved to the Aboriginal Community of Woorabinda, in Central Queensland, where he worked as Director of Studies (TAFE) at Wadja Wadja Aboriginal High School. During this time, he developed a literacy and numeracy program, incorporating vocational education and arts skills. This program was later accepted by the Queensland government as an alternative to community service for minor offenders.

After a year in Rockhampton which included working with Aboriginal street kids, he was appointed manager of the Mrangalli Aboriginal Corporation. Here, he helped develop new training programs and restructured the corporation’s  industries to allow more control by the employees.

In 2003, Craig made the first of his many trips to China, to lecture on Aboriginal Education at 30 universities in nine cities. Developing a fondness for the country, he took a permanent post teaching in Jiangdu, Jiangsu Province, a small city that had a friendship agreement with his home town of Goulburn.

In 2005, Craig was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), caused by his work as a prison of officer, which had caused several personal traumas for both himself and others during the period 1989-2005. He used this trauma to help others address their own issues.

In 2005, inspired by his work with the homeless in Rockhampton, Craig joined the staff of Big Issue Australia Magazine, as a journalist and social worker. He was also invited by Australian Democrats Deputy Leader, Senator Andrew Bartlett, to work on a casual basis as a writer and researcher, particularly into homelessness issues.

Craig and FatemehIn 2006, he was recognised for his success in providing housing for the homeless by being invited to participate in the Vodafone World of Difference Program, a national social responsibility program. He was one of four people invited, from almost 500 nominations around Australia. However, due to a work related injury, he was unable to complete the work for the program.

Craig travelled to Honolulu, USA for six months in 2007, and assisted with research and advice about the homelessness and racial problems in Honolulu.

In 2009, Craig returned to China. During that time, he wrote professionally for eChinacities online magazine, China Trade Mag and is currently Editor of China Daily Mail. He also worked as a University Lecturer in Sichuan Province, and Corporate Trainer and Program Designer for Fortune 500 companies and Private Educational organisations.

In 2011, Craig wrote and directed the play “Alice In Wonderland: The Rehearsal” which was later selected as a finalist in the NAFLE National Drama Festival acting competition in China (one of twelve plays from 2500 entries, involving 1.5 million students).

Craig returned to Australia in 2012, and is currently studying his Bachelor of Education (Honours), while working as an English Teacher and VET Trainer. He also does educational consultancy between Chinese and Australian schools, and coordinates more than 60 contributors to his website writing about political and social events in China.

Craig was married in 2017, and currently lives in Brisbane with his wife, Fatemeh, and teenage stepdaugher.

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    • Hi. I like your blog as well. The pictures are what attracts me most, as many are places I have been to. I studied Indonesian at school for four years, and have visited Indonesia, so I understand a little of the language. But if you have the English translation, it will make it a lot easier.

      Posted by Craig Hill | January 22, 2012, 19:40
  5. Just checked out your blog and find it really spooky that you’re from Australia (and I literally came back from there a few hours ago) and that your new post is about Warsaw, where I’m from 🙂 As the Chinese would say: 缘分 😉 You write about interesting things, I’ll definitely be coming back. Oh, what am I saying, I may as well press that follow button straight away!

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    • Glad you like reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. I also like your posts, and the pics complement them quite well. Looking forward to seeing more from you. Xie xie.

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    • Thank you also for coming to my site. The Chinese attitude towards the Japanese is certainly a touchy subject. Looking forward to sharing future stories with each other.

      Posted by Craig Hill | February 24, 2012, 15:03
  18. It interests me that you’ve taught tertiary English courses. (What we call ESL?). I’ve had a lot of fun tutoring Bosnian immigrants — English is a toughy– but I found one great “visual aid” that I want to post something about before long.

    Posted by christineevelynvance | February 24, 2012, 22:14
    • Not exactly ESL. They need to be able to speak English to a standard to be able to study at degree or diploma level before they come to study. Mostly not “teaching English” but actually “teaching IN English”

      Posted by Craig Hill | February 25, 2012, 00:02
  19. Hi, thank you for your blog!

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  20. Hi Craig – You’ve had a very interesting life! I’m interested in many of the issues that you’re involved with or interests.. homelessness, Travel, and teaching English. ~Sherry~

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  21. Hi Craig. I was interested to see you have worked a lot with Aboriginal communities and was wondering if you could suggest anyone we could contact about getting work in the communities either in North Queensland or through Northern Territory? Obviously we are only in Australia for a few months this trip but would like to see more of Australia than just the East Coast cities and I am very interested in issues of social justice. Aaron is an electrician and I have worked in Corrections and Child Development in NZ. Sorry for the big comment. Oops!

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    I’ve enjoyed your articles this week. I have a few relatives from Auz, New Zealand and Fiji, so will be writing about your part of the world soon. There’s a bit more research needed first though.

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    • Maybe not so modern. The rock paintings and carvings date back 30-40,000 years. Each symbol has a meaning, often transcending spoken language, and they combine to tell stories.

      Posted by Craig Hill | February 27, 2012, 22:50
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    Do you follow any Chinese bloggers or writers at all? I’m with a little team in Melbourne building a crowd-sourced translation website, and trying to source material from the Chinese web that would appeal to an international audience. Let me know if that’s of any interest to you – I’d be happy to have your view on it.

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    • That must take incredible strength, control and concentration. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      Posted by Craig Hill | March 5, 2012, 07:59
      • For me … Cirque du Soleil – is the best on earth. Share so gladly *smile – was at a seminar for about 10 years ago – some American business guru – about customer service. He said that there is only one product that gives 100% customers satisfaction to all customers: Cirque du Soliel. Agree!!!

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  40. How do you have your own Wikipedia page!? I am thoroughly impressed! I wanted to thank you for your interest in my blog. I’m new to yours and still exploring. You seem to be quite the philanthropist; something we both have in common. If you haven’t checked out the website yet, please do (http://www.grantpros.org). We do a LOT of pro bono work, if we believe the organization really can make a change (they usually need to be extremely underfunded as well). I’m seriously considering incorporating as a nonprofit and focusing on getting other nonprofits grant-ready and training them in grant writing. I look forward to actually reading some of your posts (this was my first stop). I’ll touch base with you again soon!

    – Jason

    Posted by The Grant Experts | March 5, 2012, 06:24
    • Thank you. I previously had a rather large funding grant from Vodafone, to help the homeless , when I was working for Big Issue magazine in Australia (Vodafone World Of Difference Award).

      Unfortunately, I was injured in a workplace assault, and on worker’s compensation for a year. When I came back, the money had been used for something else. No one could ever say what, though 😦

      I would like to do something similar again in the future. So maybe we can talk at a later date.

      Posted by Craig Hill | March 5, 2012, 08:17
      • Definitely! I’m sorry to hear about the assault and the misuse of the previous grant. Unfortunately, there are some people out there who don’t realize that these grant awards really are a blessing, and they should be used to benefit the community, not some jerks bank account…

        Posted by The Grant Experts | March 5, 2012, 09:24
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    • Yes, but a long time ago. I left Goulburn in 1999, and apart from six months in 2008, investigating a corrupt ex-cop that runs a pub in Goulburn, I have been interstate or overseas since.

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