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Australian News Headlines: March 2, 2021

UPDATE 1-Australia’s central bank commits to keep 3-year yields low amid bond rout … SYDNEY, March 2 (Reuters) – Australia’s central bank on Tuesday re…, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) kept rates at 0.1% and emphasised… March 01, 2021 10:46pm EST Boeing, Australian air force say pilotless, fighter-like jet completed first test flight … … Continue reading

Australian News Headlines: March 1, 2021

Australia’s Crown Resorts director quits over ties to billionaire shareholder … that it had underpaid its staff. Several of Australia’s biggest… companies, including Woolworths, Coles and Commonwealth Bank of Australia… FEBRUARY 28, 2021 08:42PM EST PRECIOUS-Gold prices edge higher on softer dollar …, Germany and Australia ending February with their biggest monthly rises… FEBRUARY 28, 2021 08:35PM EST Australia shares climb 1.5% … Continue reading

Australian News Headlines: February 26, 2021

Asian markets roiled as bond rout turns ‘lethal’ … of the selloff prompted Australia’s central bank to launch a surprise… February 25, 2021 09:03pm EST Asian markets roiled as bond rout turns ‘lethal’ … of the selloff prompted Australia’s central bank to launch a surprise… February 25, 2021 09:00pm EST MORE VIDEO RESULTS » GLOBAL … Continue reading

Australian News Headlines: February 23, 2021

Australia‘s Macquarie reaps windfall profits from U.S. winter freeze …, which also operates Australia’s largest asset manager and investment… February 22, 2021 04:47pm EST Australia shares set to track Wall Street lower as U.S. Treasury yields firm … Feb 23 (Reuters) – Australian shares were poised to inch lower on Tuesday after a weak showing … Continue reading

Australian News Headlines: February 22, 2021

Dollar falls as improving sentiment boosts riskier currencies … will ease risks to Australia’s economy over the year, ratings agency Fitch… the yen, the dollar held steady at 105.45 Australia on Monday began its… February 21, 2021 07:38pm EST FOREX-Dollar falls as improving sentiment boosts riskier currencies … to Australia’s economy over the year, ratings … Continue reading

Australian News Headlines: February 21, 2021

Coronavirus Australia live news: Prime Minister, aged care residents and frontline staff will be among first to be vaccinated today Jane Malysiak gets the Pfizer shot at Sydney’s Castle Hill Medical Centre before Prime Minister Scott Morrison receives his vaccination as well. Follow live.ABC News1 hour ago UK scientists highlight 12 criteria for Covid vaccine … Continue reading

Australian News Headlines: February 20, 2021

Victoria records zero new coronavirus cases as Melbourne case moved to ICU Just 25 Covid cases remain in Victoria as state begins first weekend since end of third lockdown.The Guardian1 hour ago Zero cases of COVID-19 recorded in Victoria | ABC News video_youtubeABC News (Australia)1 hour ago Second woman accuses ex-Liberal staffer of rape Another … Continue reading

Australian News Headlines: February 19, 2021

Facebook’s brazen attempt to crush regulations in Australia may backfire Facebook’s move to block news publishers in Australia may create an even stronger backlash against the company, adding fuel to arguments that it has too …The Washington Post1 hour ago Facebook sends blunt message to the world, blocking Australians’ access to news | ABC News … Continue reading

Australian News Headlines: 18 February, 2021

Facebook news ban hits emergency services and government health departments Emergency services and health Facebook pages have been caught up in the tech company’s decision to block Australian news *content*.Sydney Morning Herald2 hours ago Facebook restricts sharing or viewing Australian and international news content | News Breakfast video_youtubeABC News (Australia)3 hours ago Weak positive coronavirus … Continue reading

John Cleese On Security

How we Brits Cope with Terrorism. Reposted from: “John Cleese On Security” at This Day – One Day The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent events in Syria and have therefore raised their security level from “Miffed” to “Peeved.” Soon, though, security levels may be raised yet again to “Irritated” or even … Continue reading

Borobudur Temple In Indonesia

Borobudur Temple In Indonesia A Monolith Rising Above The Jungle Of Central Java Borobudur is one of three exactly aligned Buddhist Temples, located in Central Java, and each approximately a mile apart. Archaeologists know there is a religious relationship between the three Buddhist temples. However, the exact significance is a long-forgotten mystery. Location of Borobudur … Continue reading

Australia Will Censor the Internet

Australia Will Censor the Internet Internet Censorship in Australia will be Mandatory Australia is set to introduce the harshest internet censorship laws in the free world. Australia already has the free world’s harshest sedition laws. When Australia first announced it’s intention to introduce compulsory internet censorship, it was supposedly to control access to anorexia and … Continue reading

Edmund Barton – Australia’s First Prime Minister

Edmund Barton Australia’s First Prime Minister One of the Founding Father’s of Australian Federation Edmund Barton helped write the Australan Constitution before Federation, administered it as Prime Minister, and interpreted it as a High Court judge. Early Years Edmund Barton was born in Glebe Sydney in 1849. As a boy, he had a love of … Continue reading

Underground City Of Seattle

Other features About Seattle: Seattle USA Underground City; Seattle Space Needle; Seattle Underground Homeless Underground City of Seattle A City That Burnt Down, then Rebuilt on Top of Itself Beneath the sidewalks and city of Seattle, another world exists. It is the world of the pioneers, the original settlers of Seattle. There are subterranean passageways … Continue reading

Barack Obama Antichrist Claims

Barack Obama Antichrist Claims Deliberate Misquoting of the Bible and Nostradamus There are people making claims that Barack Obama is the antichrist. Many are falsely misquoting the Bible and Nostradamus in attempts to lend credibility to their claims. There’s a lot on the internet recently about Barack Obama supposedly being the antichrist, including claims nobody … Continue reading

Nancy Bird Walton Australian Aviator

Nancy Bird Walton Australian Aviator Australia’s Greatest Female Aviator and Living National Treasure A love of life above the clouds took Nancy Bird-Walton around the world, fulfilling dreams that began in childhood. Australian aviation pioneer Nancy Bird-Walton was named a Living National Treasure by the National Trust of Australia in 1997. She was one of … Continue reading

Ulica Magazine Fighting Poverty In Macedonia

Ulica Magazine Fighting Poverty In Macedonia A European Social Venture to Address Unemployment and Homelessness The Ulica magazine, published in Macedonia, aims to tackle poverty. Homeless people and the unemployed sell the magazine on the streets. The social magazine combines various genres and forms, and provides valuable information and entertainment for the reader. This ensures … Continue reading

Motorbike Repairs

This was supposedly printed in a Florida newspaper.  It tells the story of a man, his motorcycle, an exploding toilet, and the need for good medical insurance. A man was working on his motorcycle on his patio and his wife was in the kitchen. The man was racing the engine on the motorcycle when it … Continue reading

Murphy’s Law

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” is commonly known as Murphy’s Law.  The fact that Murphy was actually an aero-space engineer, who worked on safety-critical systems, may be cause for some concern. Major Edward Aloysius Murphy’s original statement was apparently along the lines “If there’s more than one way to do a job, … Continue reading

Origins Of Bonza

Bonza is an uniquely Australian word, meaning excellent, attractive, pleasing, remarkable or wonderful.  For an Australian to call something bonza is considered high praise indeed, but where does the word come from? It seems to have entered use around 1900-1905.  The first time it was used in print, with the alternative spelling of bonzer, seems … Continue reading

Charities Helping Themselves

About 90% of Australian people donate an average of $400 per person to charity each year. But how much do the charities use to help others, and how much do they use to help themselves?  A survey by Choice magazine last month showed some surprising results. Of the 11 major charities surveyed, all with exactly … Continue reading

Pay More, Get Less

One thing that really annoys me is the fact that manufacturers treat us like fools. They claim the prices of their products are not rising as much as inflation, but, on close inspection, it is obvious that the products they sell actually contain less than before. Take cereal, for example. A report from the Today … Continue reading

Petrol Companies Price Hikes

Current media reports state that the federal government is considering forcing petrol companies to advertise their prices 24 hours in advance, so consumers can be prepared for the outrageous price fixing that happens on weekends and public holidays. maybe this could be expanded to force them to advertise three days, or even a week in … Continue reading

Affordable Housing Projects To Be Expanded

Affordable housing numbers in Queensland are increasing, according to information from the Department of Housing and Brisbane Housing Company. Scott Chandler, Media Advisor to Queensland Minister for Housing, Robert Schwarten, said that 15 million dollars funding had been committed to thee Gold Coast Housing Company over the next three years. This was in addition to … Continue reading

Murri Courts Expanding In Queensland

Murri Courts will soon be operating in Cairns, Caloundra and Mackay, according to Donna O’Donoghue, Adviser to Queensland Attorney-General, Kerry Shine. The courts, designed to meet the special needs of Indigenous Australians, commenced operation in Brisbane in 2002, and are currently operating in Brisbane, Ipswich, Mt Isa, Townsville, Caboolture, Cherbourg and Cleveland, Ms O’Donoghue said. … Continue reading


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