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Leave Lidia alone, but lessons need to be learnt

Did the Prime Minister say that Lidia Thorpe has mental health issues? No, he did not, though many are misrepresenting what he said to advance their own agendas, claiming sexism and racism. Lidia’s behaviour was inappropriate, but those claiming to defend her are only vilifying her more, and harming the Yes Campaign of the Voice … Continue reading

Senator Fatima Payman speaks about The Voice, the RBA, the Greens and other issues

Senator Fatima Payman took to Reddit on Wednesday night to answer questions from the general public. Asked about her thoughts on the coalition opposing the Voice to Parliament, Senator Payman replied: “The Voice is about recognition and consultation, and it’s a shame the Liberals haven’t seized this opportunity to go on this path of reconciliation. … Continue reading

Patrick Gorman MP takes questions from the general public

Patrick Gorman MP took to Reddit on Tuesday night to answer questions from the general public. The Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister opened the discussion stating that the Australian Labor Party has been the greatest driver of progress in Australia over the last 122 years of Federation. He added that the Albanese Government has … Continue reading

Open forum discussion with Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John

Thousands of Australians took the opportunity to participate in citizen-led democracy on Reddit on Tuesday 15 March, engaging Jordon Steele-John, Australian Greens Senator from Western Australia, with questions on a wide range of topics including the NDIS, nuclear submarines, cannabis legislation and inclusivity during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. Asked about whether The Greens … Continue reading

LNP single out NDIS cuts to pay for AUKUS

Peter Dutton has called for cuts to the NDIS to help pay for AUKUS, while steadfastly attacking superannuation changes that would affect only the very rich. This is yet another attack by the LNP on Australia’s most vulnerable, and one can only surmise that this was the LNP intention when they first announced the AUKUS … Continue reading

Open forum discussion with Owen Miller, Fusion Party candidate in Aston

Owen Miller, Fusion Party candidate in the Aston by-election, took part in an open forum discussion on Reddit on Tuesday 7 March. In this discussion, he took questions from the general public. In his opening, he stated that Fusion aimed to bring about a return to real Australian values, innovation and a fair go for … Continue reading

The LNP want to wreck superannuation

Peter Dutton’s announcement that he will repeal Labor’s superannuation laws if he miraculously becomes Prime Minister is all the proof we need that the LNP should not be in government. The problem is that every government does something similar whenever they gain power, meaning there is no certainty for future retirees about their retirement. This … Continue reading

Centrelink’s “deserving” and “undeserving” poor

The Robodebt Royal Commission has heard that the former LNP government had a strong view of “deserving” and “undeserving” poor when it came to Centrelink. Exactly what this means is unclear, but it sounds very ominous. It seems to want to create division between those that the government see as worthy, and those they see … Continue reading

Negative income tax would help low income earners

Negative Income Tax is an alternative to the Universal Basic Income, and reverses the direction in which tax is paid for incomes below a certain level. It provides that wage earners above a certain level of income pay tax, while those below that level receive support from the government. As a grossly over-simplified example, the … Continue reading

Open forum discussion with Senator Malcolm Roberts

Thousands of Australians took the opportunity to participate in citizen-led democracy on Reddit on Thursday February 23, engaging Senator Malcolm Roberts from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation with questions on a wide range of topics including Lidia Thorpe, housing, inflation, and tax reform during the Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. Asked about Thorpe’s position on Indigenous … Continue reading

The safeguard mechanism misses the mark

The safeguard mechanism that Labor are proposing is far from perfect, but it is much better than what the LNP gave us when they first introduced it. The LNP did not properly enforce their mechanism, and it failed to reduce emissions. Now that Labor want to make it better and enforce it, the LNP are … Continue reading

We must never again allow a cashless welfare card

Peter Dutton is calling for the reintroduction of the cashless welfare card, blaming it’s scrapping on the rise in alcohol-related violence in Alice Springs and Indigenous communities. Dutton is not basing his assertions on facts. He is using a social crisis for political purposes to incite emotions against Aboriginal people. He has singled out the … Continue reading

The Greens are both right and wrong on housing

Labor’s plan to implement a $10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund is under threat from the Greens and the Opposition. Both parties need to take a breath and consider the realities of their situation. The Opposition need to realise that their job is to oppose government legislation if it is bad, and offer a better … Continue reading

Using porn to shame a work colleague is a crime

In any other workplace in Australia, distributing explicit photos of a work colleague to shame them would result in dismissal, yet Dominic Perrottet has gone in to defend Peter Poulos for doing just that. At the very least, Poulos should have been sanctioned. By failing to take any action, Perrottet is sending the message that … Continue reading

Bring Julian Assange home

Julian Assange, the Australian publisher who founded WikiLeaks in 2006, faces 175 years in prison if extradited from the UK to the US. Assange’s case is the first time in history that a publisher has been indicted under the US Espionage Act, but the Australian government have so far not stepped in to help him. … Continue reading

Was the Morrison government fascist?

Allegations of fascism are thrown around frequently to describe the far right, and often the term is misused to incite an emotional response against political ideologies that opponents don’t agree with. However, in the case of the Morrison government, the use of the word may have had some merit. Wikipedia describes Fascism is a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology. It … Continue reading

The rise and fall of Lidia Thorpe

There can be no doubt that Lidia Thorpe has achieved a lot in her time, but like many before and still to come, she has shown a political naivety since coming to federal politics. Although she made significant achievements prior to entering federal politics, which we will acknowledge, she has been an absolute nightmare for … Continue reading

Result of my first hearing at the AAT against Centrelink

Yesterday I had my first hearing at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), and it went exactly as expected. The AAT rejected the law and affirmed Centrelink’s decision. This was in relation to a periodic lottery win that I received in October 2022, $5,000 a month for 12 months. If the win had been a $60,000 … Continue reading

The proposed changes to Medicare: are they enough?

The Australian Government has recently announced proposed changes to the country’s Medicare system. The proposed changes aim to create a more efficient and equitable system for the delivery and funding of Australia’s health care services. Let’s take a closer look at these proposed changes. The proposed changes to Medicare are intended to make the system … Continue reading

Voice to Parliament: the dirty tricks of the no-campaigners

Constitutional recognition through a Voice to Parliament would give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people agency to help inform decisions that impact their lives. Yet there are those that are against this purely on principle, rather than on any facts or details of the proposed Voice. Why is this so? First, let’s look at what … Continue reading

China have just made our housing crisis worse

More than 40,000 Chinese university students could arrive in Australia in the next few weeks as a result of a Chinese government ban on online studying. The ban affects all students located in China who are studying university courses online through an Australian university. China have decreed that they will no longer recognise these online … Continue reading

We need a Centrelink Royal Commission

The Australian government established Centrelink with the primary purpose of providing aid to individuals who are in need of it. Unfortunately, Australian residents don’t believe the agency has performed effectively, which is why a Royal Commission is needed to intervene and restore order. But why is a Royal Commission necessary, and what will its objectives … Continue reading

Centrelink are still using income averaging

Income averaging was found to be illegal by the Federal Court in the Robodebt Test Case of Amato vs Commonwealth (2019), yet Centrelink still use this methodology when calculating income for certain windfalls. These windfalls include lottery wins, inheritances, gifts, bequests, insurance payments, bursaries, scholarships and anything else Centrelink decide is income, if they are … Continue reading

Robodebt architect now has NDIS recipients in his sights

Jason Ryman, the architect of Centrelink’s infamous Robodebt scheme, was seconded to the NDIA with the task of using a similar scheme to target recipients of NDIS funding. The NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) is the agency charged with overseeing the running of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). The secondment was made by former … Continue reading

Centrelink staff need to learn some manners

One thing that was consistent during the Robodebt Royal Commission was Centrelink’s victims reporting that staff had been rude and aggressive. Sadly, this has not changed. Witnesses at the Royal Commission recounted that staff had yelled at them, mocked them, refused to listen to any defence and generally treated them with contempt. Witnesses recalled being … Continue reading

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