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My second interview on 7 News about Centrelink

My interview on Sunrise about Centrelink

My interview on A Current Affair about Centrelink

My first interview on 7 News about Centrelink

On this day (Australia): In 1948, HMAS Sydney, the first aircraft carrier of the Royal Australian Navy, was commissioned

On 16 December 1948, HMAS Sydney, the first aircraft carrier of the Royal Australian Navy, was commissioned. HMAS Sydney (R17/A214/P214/L134) was a Majestic-class light aircraft carrier operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). She was built for the Royal Navy and was launched as HMS Terrible (93) in 1944, but was not completed before the end of World War II. The carrier was sold to Australia in 1947, completed, … Continue reading

On this day (Australia): In 1854, the Eureka Stockade took place

On 3 December 1854, the Eureka Stockade took place. It was a rebellion of goldminers near Ballarat. On 30 November 1854 miners from the Victorian town of Ballarat, disgruntled with the way the colonial government had been administering the goldfields, swore allegiance to the Southern Cross flag at Bakery Hill and built a stockade at … Continue reading

Australia’s Overnight News Headlines: July 11, 2021

Australia COVID news LIVE: NSW braces for more cases, more weeks of lockdown as Delta strain outpaces contact tracers – Vaccination targets to move to phase two of reopening plan. By James Massola and Aisha Dow. Australia’s plan to end COVID-19 lockdowns and begin reopening … Australian stage going Rouge – Carmen Pavlovic is part … Continue reading

Australia: Overnight News Headlines – June 17, 2021

Overnight news headlines you may have missed Race Videos: Kyle Chalmers Wins Two Events at Australian Olympic Trials – Tonight concluded Day 5 of the 2021 Australian Olympic Trials. So far, we have seen 7 record-breaking swims, which can be viewed here. Seven more … Iron ore price: Five triggers that could push price down … Continue reading

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