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Japan attacks Australia’s kangaroo culling to justify Tokyo’s whaling program



A Japanese diplomat has seized on the slaughter and consumption of kangaroos to justify Tokyo’s whaling program.

The comments by Noriyuki Shikata came as Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus at the International Court of Justice accused Japan of using “false” and “offensive” statements to justify its annual “scientific” whale hunt in Antarctic waters.

Canberra has ramped up its rhetoric against Tokyo during this election year in a move seen as shoring up its green credentials.

As the hearing in The Hague of the Australian case against Japan moved into its final stages, Mr Shikata, political minister at Japan’s embassy in London, used Twitter to flag the kangaroo harvest in defence of Japan’s position. “We do not eat crocodile or kangaroo, but we respect such behaviour by others. Cultural diversity should be respected,” he tweeted.

Mr Shikata, who has been seconded to handle media relations for the case, also posted a link to an Australian government fact sheet on kangaroos that said their slaughter contributed to the sustainability of the Australian environment.

Mr Dreyfus told the court: “As well as being a statement completely devoid of legal argument, this is untrue and offensive to Australia.”

Source: The Australian – Roos used to justify whaling

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5 thoughts on “Japan attacks Australia’s kangaroo culling to justify Tokyo’s whaling program

  1. There is a difference between culling and driving toward extinction. But, even if the two could be equated on some amorphous level, two wrongs are still two wrongs. This is like comparing beheadings of POWs with Japan claiming greater concern for suffering because they used swords superior to alQaeda’s daggers. It’s utter nonsense.

    Posted by --Rick | July 12, 2013, 06:37
    • Exactly right, Rick. Having come from a farming community, I am aware of the damage kangaroos cause by knocking down fences and causing livestock losses, as well as damaging and eating crops. Kangaroos are not an endangered species like whales.

      While Australia strictly controls the number of kangaroos that can be culled, to prevent them from becoming an endangered species, we also do not pretend it is for scientific research. The meat produced is harvested commercially, like other livestock, and provides employment for many Australians, as well as food for many countries. Japan’s whaling provides illegal meat for a select few rich Japanese.

      Posted by Craig Hill | July 13, 2013, 11:41
      • One day, hopefully, the Japanese government will wake up and assert control over whalers and those who drive this appalling criminal activity by paying for whale meat. It would be helpful if more nations would join in and apply economic pressure on Japan, a nation whose economy is already in a precarious position.

        Culling keeps the herds healthy and ensures sufficient food sources under most conditions. Unlike sacrificing already rares species for a relative callous and arrogant few, healthy Kangaroo meat, on the other hand, provides a nice alternative to beef, poultry and pork that should work to the benefit of lowering prices for all of these protein choices, provided, of course, that the government acts responsibly by keeping its focus on governing as opposed to market interference.

        Great story that needs wider attention. Thanks, as always, Craig, for excellent writing on important topics.

        Posted by --Rick | July 13, 2013, 15:05


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