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China Daily Mail

May 25 2012 China Daily Mail Headlines

Visa row over teachers at US Confucius Institutes

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SCMP reporter Shi Jiangtao reports in Beijing, “Beijing is caught up in a diplomatic row with Washington over alleged visa violations at Chinese government-sponsored Confucius Institutes in the United States.” According to Shi, a US State Department official played down the issue as “simply a regulatory matter” and denied that the Department targeted the Confucius … Continue reading »

China factory data signals weak first-half growth

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China‘s factories faltered in May as export orders fell to two month lows, a private sector survey showed on Thursday, suggesting surprise weakness in April’s hard economic data persists even as policymakers seek to shore up growth. The HSBC Flash Purchasing Managers Index, the earliest indicator of China’s industrial sector, retreated to 48.7 in May … Continue reading »

Chen Guangcheng fights back

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In his interview with Reuters, Chen Guangcheng urges China to prosecute those who harassed him in Shandong, and implement the rule of law to protect the legitimate rights of his relatives and those who helped him in his miraculous escape. As said in the post “Chen Guangcheng’s super wisdom”, he has the weapon, the information … Continue reading »

China’s nine-dashed line in South China Sea

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Alongside an armada of paramilitary patrol vessels and fishing boats, China has fired off a barrage of historical records to reinforce its claim over a disputed shoal near the Philippines in the South China Sea. While this propaganda broadside makes it clear Beijing will take a tough line with Manila as a standoff over Scarborough … Continue reading »

China’s new privatisation plan faces push-back risk

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China‘s new push to open state controlled industries may look bold after a decade of stuttering privatisation progress, but Beijing faces stiff resistance from vested interests in its effort to extend its World Trade Organisation dividend. Beijing’s leaders, its top think-tanks, the World Bank and private sector economists all largely agree that for China to … Continue reading »

Expansion of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

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China’s official Xinhua News Agency says that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a press conference on May 23 to reveal information on the coming June summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Beijing. In my Jan. 19 post “China’s Greater Co-Prosperity Sphere“, I mentioned China’s efforts in setting up a North Korean … Continue reading »

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