Essays and Reports

Contemporary Management

Contemporary Management – Organisation Design and Open System Theory

This report is on the organisational design at Dominos Pizza Australia, presented in two parts: First, the purpose of the organisation design will be examined, including the contingency factors of strategy, environment, technology, organisation size and organisational lifecycle. Discussion will be made as to whether the organisation is mechanistic or organic. Second, the challenges for …

Contemporary Management – Social Responsibility

Contemporary Management – Rational Persuasion Strategies

Contemporary Management – Controlling

Contemporary Management – Motivation

Contemporary Management – Life Cycle Assessment


Strategic Planning and Management

Strategic Planning and Management – Analysis and Strategy

The organisation I chose for this study is Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua School, purportedly a non profit organisation (NPO) subsidiary of Greentown Holdings, located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Because of the lack of reliable data or data sources in China, this report is based on my own participation in board meetings. The primary source …

Strategic Planning – Setting Objectives

Strategic Planning – Value Chain Analysis

Strategic Management – Strategy Execution Process


Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management – Performance Management Systems

Benefits and Importance of Performance Management Systems A performance management system is an integrated method to ensure that an employee’s performance strengthens and contributes to the organisations strategic aims (Dessler, Griffiths, Lloyd-Walker 2007). A performance management system directly connects the operations of individuals and teams to an organisation’s performance strategies. The three steps in a …

Human Resource Management – Workplace Diversity

Diversity in the workplace is both an opportunity and a challenge. Often, it is a source of tension, division or conflict if difference is associated with exclusion, disadvantage or racism. However, it can also be a source of learning and growth that can result in improved work conditions and practices and better quality standards of …

Human Resource Planning – Issues to Consider

Armidale Hospital, as with the Australian health industry in general, faces a number of serious issues with regards to current and future availability of health care workers (HWA 2011). This is compounded by reluctance within the health industry to change its training practices. Key human resource planning issues  Shortages in the Australian health …

Human Resource Development – Training Programs: Planning, Design, Delivery and Evaluation

This paper will address the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of a training program. It will also explore some of the foundations of Human Resource Development (HRD), as well as addressing several HRD practices that are associated with the program. …

Organisational Culture, Policy and Change

Cultural Analysis and Policy Analysis

Leadership involves understanding organisational culture to create policy that facilitates change. Changing a policy means standardising and articulating a practice that has been identified as needing to change. The first step towards this is to identify the policy…



TESOL – Cross-linguistic Influences

I have chosen to focus on a project I am currently involved with. The target group are Somali refugees. The project is an English Language group, for English learners who are undergoing an intense, fulltime course of English language study. Cross-linguistic influences are important in this project especially in the field of Interlanguage Pragmatics (IP). …

TESOL – Bilingualism

I have chosen to focus on a project I am currently involved with. The target group are Somali refugees. The project is an English Language group, for English learners who are undergoing an intense, fulltime course of English language study. Bilingualism and bilingual education seem to go together with IP, in that many bilingual people …

TESOL – Critical Period Hypothesis

Is the research challenging the Critical Period Hypothesis (CPH) sufficient to refute it? Introduction Over the past decades, the Critical Period Hypothesis (CPH) has enjoyed popularity. It states that individuals past the age of about thirteen are worse at learning a language than younger learners (DeKeyser, 2000). More recently, research has refined and even refuted …

TESOL – Teaching Grammar in China

The teaching sequence presented here is thirty minutes of grammar from a two hour lesson for intermediate level academic skills students. The essay will first look at the context in which the sequence was taught, then review literature relevant to the teaching of grammar and finally present a rationale for the teaching sequence in terms …

TESOL – Teaching Writing: Letter of Complaint

The need to write business documents, including business letters, in English is becoming more and more important, as economic globalisation programs become central policies in developing countries. Many writers using a second language for business letters often use rhetoric from their first language when writing such letters (Park et al, 1998). First language users reading …

TESOL – IELTS Speaking Test

Test purpose According to the IELTS website (2013), there are actually two IELTS tests; an academic version and a general training version. The speaking test is the same for both versions. The academic version is for students who want to enrol in universities or higher education institutions, or for professional such as doctors that want …

TESOL – World Englishes

The subject of World Englishes has drawn a lot of attention in recent years, and this literature review will try to bring some of the recent research on the topic into context. In the literature section, I will begin with a description of what World Englishes are, examine two theoretical concepts and look at some of the different varieties. I will then look at globalisation effects …


The following are essays and reports written for various social, political and academic organisations:

Report: National Council of Women (Queensland) – Psychiatric Homelessness

Psychiatric Homelessness Seminar National Council of Women Queensland Branch Part One A seminar on Psychiatric Homelessness was held in Brisbane on 11th August 2005, convened by the National Council of Women Queensland Branch. The issue was Psychiatric Homelessness. I have some first hand dealings with this issue, over many years in various positions, and was …

Essay: Discourse Theory and Black English Vernacular Amongst Australian Aborigines

To understand the Discourse Theory, it is first necessary to distinguish between the terms “Discourse” (with a capital letter) and “discourse” (all lower-case). The term “Discourse” refers to the ways in which social and political inequity is reproduced (or subverted) through the uses to which language is put; whilst “discourse” refers to the actual use …


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