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On This Day (Australia): In 1996, Pauline Hanson made her first speech to the House of Representatives, and was widely condemned

On 10 September 1996, Pauline Hanson made her first speech to the Australian House of Representatives. After securing a victory in the Queensland lower house seat of Oxley, Hanson shot to prominence in her first speech when she said: “I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians.” Pauline Hanson was elected to … Continue reading

On This Day In Australia: In 2003, Pauline Hanson was sentenced to three years in prison for electoral fraud

On 20 August 2003, politicians Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge were sentenced to three years in prison after being found guilty of electoral fraud in Queensland. The charges were later overturned. Hanson and Ettridge were each sentenced to three years jail without parole under the Criminal Code (Qld). In handing down the sentences, District Court Chief Judge … Continue reading

Pauline Hanson was wrong on Closing the Gap

Pauline Hanson recently responded to the latest annual Closing the Gap Report. At the outset, I am not going to call her a racist – that’s a word too often used to elicit an emotive response rather than to engage in serious debate. She is, however, part of the problem with her opinions based on … Continue reading

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