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Australian democracy under threat

Two things have happened in the past two weeks that should be of great concern to all Australians. First, the Prime Minister established a “national cabinet” for the first time in our history, saying it was needed to coordinate action on the coronavirus outbreak. Second, the PM shut down Federal Parliament for at least five months, again because … Continue reading

Climate change denials and the toilet paper wars

The fear about coronavirus seems worse than the virus itself, yet somehow the fear of climate change seems not to have hit yet. In recent weeks we have seen people fighting over toilet paper, and one man pulling a knife and getting tasered by police. This seems to have been triggered by the government telling people to stock … Continue reading

Pauline Hanson was wrong on Closing the Gap

Pauline Hanson recently responded to the latest annual Closing the Gap Report. At the outset, I am not going to call her a racist – that’s a word too often used to elicit an emotive response rather than to engage in serious debate. She is, however, part of the problem with her opinions based on … Continue reading


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