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May 23 2012 China Daily Mail Headlines

China’s Sino-Forest Feels Heat in Canada

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Canada‘s largest securities regulator alleged Tuesday that Sino-Forest Corp. and certain former executives inflated timber purchases and sales, capping an 11-month investigation into the troubled forest-products company. The Ontario Securities Commission signalled last month it would file fraud allegations against the company, after issuing a so-called enforcement notice. A spokesman for Sino-Forest, which conducts most … Continue reading »

Australian government blocks China’s Huawei

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Huawei, the Chinese telecoms giant and possibly the largest company in that sector in the world, has been barred by the Australian government from supplying equipment to the national broadband network (NBN) which will shortly totally dominate Australian telecoms. Huawei Technologies, which is close to becoming the world’s largest telecommunications equipment provider, was advised late … Continue reading »

Frictions in The South China Sea: Chinese Strategic Mistake

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On the eastern, ascendant flank of the Eurasian continent, the Chinese vertigo economy is overheated and too-well integrated in the petrodollar system. Beijing, presently, cannot contemplate or afford to allocate any resources in a search for an alternative. The Sino economy is low-wage- and labour intensive- centred. Chinese revenues are heavily dependent on exports and … Continue reading »

Chen Guangcheng’s super wisdom

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The following is a personal opinion from Chan Kai Yee, author of Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements. Chen Guangcheng certainly proved his super wisdom with his miraculous escape, but Chinese dissidents in America such as Tiananmen heroine Chai Ling were disappointed that Chen spoke positively in his meeting with the media when he arrived in America (see … Continue reading »

China accuses Pentagon of undermining ties with Taiwan

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China’s Defence Ministry has accused the Pentagon of hyping Chinese military power and its threat to Taiwan in a depiction that will ultimately undermine ties between the two militaries. The annual Pentagon report to Congress on China’s military always draws strenuous objections from Beijing. This year’s report — which outlined a Chinese military modernisation effort … Continue reading »

Venezuela expands China oil-for-loan deal to $8 billion

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Venezuela‘s Congress voted on Tuesday to double the amount the government can borrow from China under a deal that lets the OPEC nation repay loans with oil, potentially adding to the debt burden taken on under President Hugo Chavez. China has become the single biggest foreign source of financing for Venezuela’s socialist government, which is … Continue reading »

Chen Guangcheng a true hero, and his escape a tremendous victory

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The following is a response from Chan Kai Yee to a report in The Global Times (editor): A blind man in house arrest, watched by 200 guards day and night, was able to flee to safety in Beijing hundreds of miles away. That is something often described in fictions and movies, but rarely happens in real … Continue reading »

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2 thoughts on “May 23 2012 China Daily Mail Headlines

  1. whuaa ! there is indonesia there ! hahah 😀

    Posted by rurimadani12 | May 24, 2012, 16:30
  2. Like this set up of China news – it means less email in my inbox and also I can chose what I want to read about – just like a newspaper – brilliant done. Like to read about China, but there is a limit. Some news get me so upset …. but one thing is for sure – I will not go back until they got their human rights sorted out. Terrible!!! This is 2012 and they are treating their people without respect. Didn’t like what Mao had going – but this is not much better … even worst at times.

    Posted by viveka | May 24, 2012, 17:14

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