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Barack Obama May Not Be The Antichrist

There’s a lot on the internet recently about Barack Obama supposedly being the Antichrist, including a post that claims nobody knows anything about his origins.  While there may be real concerns about his past, much of what is being written seems to be deliberately misleading.

Now I’m not American, but I did live in Hawaii for six months, and I was of the impression Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4th 1961, his father was a Kenyan and his mother from Kansas. They met when both were students at the University of Hawaii.

I might be wrong, but I thought he was raised as a Christian (United Church of Christ, I believe), though Africa is largely Muslim (even though his father was apparently not on the scene from the time Obama was 2 years old). Also, he did attend his first four years of school in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim population.

He also, as far as I know, completed schooling from year 5 through to graduating High School, in Hawaii, before moving to Los Angeles.

So a fair bit about his origins does seem to be known.  And there could appear to be a strong Muslim influence, especially the four years in Indonesia during an impressionable time in a child’s life.  It remains to be seen if this will have any influence on a possible presidency  There are no certainties in life.

And of course, the old favourites roll out. The Bible and Nostradamus!  The two prophecies everybody misquotes to prove the Antichrist has arrived.  Both have a certain credibility, though the same may not be said for many deliberately misquoting these references.

First, there are no references to the Antichrist in Revelation, though there are a few in the Gospels.  Second there are no references to Muslims in the Bible.  The books of the Bible were mostly completed by the end of the second century.  Revelation (the most falsely quoted on this matter) was written in the first century (probably AD 51).  Islam was not founded until the sixth or seventh century (Muhammed lived c.570-632)

Nostradamus is deliberately vague, given Nostradamus own concerns over his continued existence if he said anything wrong (he apparently couldn’t foresee his own future).  They were dangerous times politically then.  Nostradamus doesn’t make real reference to anything, though there is a certain credibility attached to his writing.

So those claiming to quote these as references are deliberately misleading the masses with false information, claiming to expose a false prophet or a false Messiah.

There seems a certain irony in that.

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