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Waikiki Hawaii USA Honolulu Tavern Karaoke

Honolulu Tavern Waikiki Hawaii KaraokeIt was just about a year ago, we were sitting at my favourite bar in the whole wide world, the Honolulu Tavern, in Waikiki. Since there’s karaoke there every night, we decided to have a YouTube party, and this is the result (with apologies to Creedence Clearwater). It was October 16th 2007, to be exact.

Now none of us are real good singers, and I put that down to two things. Firstly, the Americans have really funny accents, and I was the only one there who talked with a normal Australian drawl. Secondly, it’s hard to sing in tune when you’ve drank a certain number of pints of Budweiser.

Still, the bar’s owner and myself came up with the idea, and we thought it would be good if everyone sang a couple of lines. Sort of like a poor man’s version of We Are The World, or something like that.

It took a little planning, but it worked reasonably well. We even got quite a few of us singing our favourite songs solo. Everyone had a great time later sending the links home to friends and family all over the world, to show off the local bar we all liked to meet together in. We even made a DVD, which was sold to patrons of the bar, to get a little drinking money for the bar owner.

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Anyway, this is the video (I’m the eighth singer, by the way, the cute, young-looking blond guy).

The other singers, in order, are:

Dan – Oirlie – Darren – Stella – Byron (owner of the tavern) – Ting (Byron’s wife) – Char – Me (I sing “Oh Lord, I’m stuck in Honolulu again”) – Chicago Bob (the karaoke DJ, dancing) – Brenda – Daryl – Vatala – Dave (aka Elvis, another karaoke DJ) – Oirlie (Dave’s wife) – Darren – Char – The whole gang together for the finale

And, as an added treat, this is just me singing on my own (nah, skip this if you want):

Click here to go to the Honolulu Tavern website, and see all that it has to offer
Click here to go to the Honolulu Tavern YouTube Party Site to see all the songs that were recorded

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