Doctor Who

Classic Era

Season 011st Doctor4281963-1964
Season 023991964-1965
Season 0345101965-1966
Season 041st/2nd Doctor4391966-1967
Season 052nd Doctor4071967-1968
Season 064471968-1969
Season 073rd Doctor2541970
Season 082551971
Season 092651972
Season 102651972-1973
Season 112651973-1974
Season 124th Doctor2051974-1975
Season 132661975-1976
Season 142661976-1977
Season 152661977-1978
Season 162661978-1979
Season 172051979-1980
Season 182871980-1981
Season 195th Doctor2671982
Season 202261983
Season 215th/6th Doctor2471984
Season 226th Doctor1361985
Season 231411986
Season 247th Doctor1441987
Season 251441988-1989
Season 261441989

Revived Era

Series 019th Doctor13102005
Series 0110th Doctor13102006
Series 031392007
Series 0413102008
Series 0511th Doctor13102010
Series 0613112011
Series 0713132012-2013
Series 0812th Doctor12112014
Series 091292015
Series 1012112017
Series 1113th Doctor10102018
Series 121082020
Series 13612021

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