Doctor Who Season 03
Serial TitleEpisodes Titles
Galaxy 4Four Hundred Dawns (Animation)
Trap of Steel (Animation)
Air Lock (Animation)
The Exploding Planet (Animation)
Mission to the UnknownMission to the Unknown (Animation)
The Myth MakersTemple of Secrets (Telesnaps)
Small Prophet Quick Return (Telesnaps)
Death of a Spy (Telesnaps)
Horse of Destruction (Telesnaps)
The Dalek’s Master PlanThe Nightmare Begins (Telesnaps)
Day of Armageddon
Devil’s Planet (Telesnaps)
The Traitors (Telesnaps)
Counter Plot
Coronas of the Sun (Telesnaps)
The Feast of Steven (Telesnaps)
Volcano (Telesnaps)
Golden Death (Telesnaps)
Escape Switch
The Abandoned Planet (Telesnaps)
Destruction of Time (Telesnaps)
The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s EveWar of God (Telesnaps)
The Sea Beggar (Telesnaps)
Priest of Death (Telesnaps)
Bell of Doom (Telesnaps)
The ArkThe Steel Sky
The Plague
The Return
The Bomb
The Celestial ToymakerThe Celestial Toyroom (Telesnaps)
The Hall of Dolls (Telesnaps)
The Dancing Floor (Telesnaps)
The Final Test
The GunfightersA Holiday for the Doctor
Don’t Shoot the Pianist
Johnny Ringo
The OK Corral
The SavagesPart 1 (Telesnaps)
Part 2 (Telesnaps)
Part 3 (Telesnaps)
Part 4 (Telesnaps)
The War MachinesPart 1 (Telesnaps)
Part 2 (Telesnaps)
Part 3 (Telesnaps)
Part 4 (Telesnaps)

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