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Australia to sell kangaroo meat to China and Russia, worth hundreds of millions of dollars



The kangaroo meat industry is poised to expand its export market to China, with a promise to only cull males in a bid to thwart “fanatical” animal rights activists.

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry yesterday said it was working to open market access for kangaroo meat to China.

“Representatives from the department are in Beijing this week to discuss a range of market access issues with Chinese authorities, including kangaroo meat,” a department spokesman said.

This comes after South Australian kangaroo meat processor Macro Meats exported its first products to Russia since a trade ban was lifted. The Russian quarantine authority partially lifted a four-year import ban in December.

The ban was imposed after intense lobbying by Animal Liberation, which claimed there were animal welfare and hygiene and sustainability issues with harvesting kangaroos. Adelaide‘s Macro Meats is the sole exporter to Russia, which was the largest market in the world, and hopes to soon begin exporting to Chinese markets.

Macro Meats manager Ray Borda said a decision not to shoot female kangaroos would solve any issues on how to deal with joeys and help overcome a campaign against the industry by animal rights activists.

“China is getting close – they still have some animal welfare queries,” he said. “The animal rights activists have been making all sorts of allegations and it just made China a little bit gun shy. The industry and government have been reassuring China.”

Mr Borda estimated the Chinese and Russian markets were worth hundreds of millions of dollars and would create more than 400 jobs.

“China is a clean canvas. They are desperate for kangaroo and are wanting to place it at the top end of the market,” he said.

Source: The Australian – “Chinese and Russian markets worth hundreds of millions of dollars in Roo meat”

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