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July 19 2012 China Daily Mail Headlines

China: Sansha capital Yongxing Island under strict military control

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Hong Kong Ming Pao’s reporter has recently been on Yongxing Island and found that the island is under strict military control due to the rising tensions in the South China Sea. The reporter says the scenery on the island is wonderful, but as it is the biggest island and the most important military base on … Continue reading »

The grievances of Chinese farmers; an endless story

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More than six decades after the end of feudalism in China, land-rights still remains the number one problem facing Chinese farmers, despite the law implemented in 1990 articulating that “agricultural land must be formally contracted to farmers who will have limited but sufficient freedom on the using of the land, for a term of 30 years”. … Continue reading »

Intel: NASDAQ No Chinese Safety Net

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Safety Net? Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor maker, beat predictions for its second-quarter earnings, but forecast third-quarter sales that were lower than analysts had estimated, as an economic slowdown in China erodes demand. For the second quarter, the company reported per-share earnings of $0.54 on revenue of $13.5 billion and net income of $2.83 billion … Continue reading »

Frenchman goes to China as Bo Xilai witness

Posted by ⋅ July 18, 2012 ⋅ 3 Comments

A Frenchman who was being held in Cambodia because of his alleged links to Beijing’s biggest political scandal in two decades has been flown to China, where he is wanted as a witness in the case, Cambodia’s information minister said on Wednesday. Patrick Henri Devillers, 52, was detained last month in Cambodia, where he had … Continue reading »

China: War with Philippines or Japan?

Posted by ⋅ July 18, 2012 ⋅ 7 Comments

Japan can be regarded as China’s long-term enemy in quite a few Chinese people’s mindset, though since the 1970s, Sino-Japanese relations have been quite satisfactory until now. Tension between the two countries has intensified in their disputes over the Diaoyu Islands (called Senkaku Islands by Japan). China suffered a humiliating naval defeat by Japan in … Continue reading »

Click here for a list of all stories about Senkaku Islands at China Daily Mail


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One thought on “July 19 2012 China Daily Mail Headlines

  1. Really interesting idea to gather together stories re China – not enough coverage of thoughts from the ground in general.

    Posted by Week Woman | July 20, 2012, 22:46

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