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China Daily Mail

July 15 2012 China Daily mail Headlines (July 13-15)

Post-90s generation dare to rise up; China’s future hopeful

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Thousands of students, supported by their parents and teachers and mobilising through online social media, played a central role in the recent protests against plans for a heavy-metal plant in Shifang , Sichuan province. Now some people are asking whether this “post-90s” generation, as it has been dubbed by the mainland media, will turn up … Continue reading »

Business Week Reports China Economic Slowdown Despite Stimulus

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Amid growing concerns that China’s growth figures may be overstated, the National Bureau of Statistics announced July 13 that gross domestic product grew 7.6 percent in the second quarter, its slowest pace in three years. A slowdown in investment, including in real estate and infrastructure, the primary driver of China’s growth in recent years, plus … Continue reading »

China’s Taobao offers bizarre items for sale

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If I were asked the question “what is it that has changed the life of common Chinese the most during the past five years,” my answer would definitely be Taobao.com.  Taobao is an online market place similar to E-bay. Since it was founded in 2003, the number of registered users of Taobao has increased from none … Continue reading »

Large Chinese fishing fleet sets out for Nansha disputed territory

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According to various Chinese media including Xinhua, yesterday morning a fleet of 30 fishing boats held a setting sail ceremony at Sanya, Hainan Province. Among them was a 3,000-ton master ship and 29 fishing boats with tonnage of more than 140 tons each. They will fish in Nansha area near Fiery Cross Reef for about … Continue reading »

Sino-Japanese tension over islands escalating

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According to Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily, Japanese media report that Tokyo Metropolitan government has made 6,000 posters to appeal to Japanese people to respond to its call for the purchase of Diaoyu Islands (named Senkaku Islands by Japan). Against the background of photographs of the islands, is the sentence: “You are being tested whether you … Continue reading »

July 14 1963 Rupture between USSR and China grows worse

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Reblogged from Craig Hill: On June 14th 1963, according to a public statement made by the Chinese government, a much more militant and aggressive policy was needed in order to spread the communist revolution worldwide. There could be no “peaceful coexistence” with the forces of capitalism, and the statement chided the Russians for trying to … Continue reading »

Chinese media slam Clinton for rights comments

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SCMP says, according to Reuters report from Beijing, “China‘s top newspaper slammed US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday for comments she made lauding democracy and implicitly criticising restrictions in China, saying those Asian countries that ape US democracy were doomed to fail. “Earlier this week, Clinton held up Mongolia’s sometimes messy politics as … Continue reading »

Morning Fisherman – Nanjing, China (Chris H Lynn)

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Morning Fisherman is a video from the “Reconstructing Scenic views from Seventeenth Century Chinese Landscape Painting” series, produced by Chris H. Lynn Location: Xuanwu Lake, Nanjing, China

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