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June 19 2012 China Daily Mail Headlines

Cambodia arrests Frenchman linked to China’s Bo Xilai scandal

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A French architect with ties to disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai has been arrested in Cambodia, the French embassy said Tuesday, in a new twist to China’s biggest political scandal in decades. Cambodian police said the arrest of Patrick Devillers was carried out with the cooperation of Beijing, which is seeking his extradition. “We’ve been … Continue reading »

Rule of law at any price on mainland China

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Last week, Hunan provincial police announced they would launch a fresh probe into the suspicious death in hospital of June 4 activist Li Wangyang. The decision has apparently been prompted by the public outcry in Hong Kong where tens of thousands of people including prominent politicians and lawmakers called for an open and thorough investigation … Continue reading »

Bo Xilai purged Wang Yang’s followers in Chongqing

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Ming Pao reporter Mai Jun reports from Chongqing that on June 18 the reporter visited Chongqing, before the opening of Chongqing Party Congress today, to collect missed details of the political storm of Bo Xilai’s downfall. His findings will be provided to readers in a series of reports beginning from today. Power struggle between Bo … Continue reading »

China’s state-owned enterprises earned 10% less in the first 5 months

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Xinhua reports that the Chinese Finance Ministry announced that in the first five months this year, total operating income of, and taxes and fees payable by, state-owned and state-holding enterprises grew slowly and their profits continued to decrease, being 10.4% lower than last year. Data shows that from January to May, state-owned enterprises’ total accumulated … Continue reading »

China May home prices fall, pace of declines picks up

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Average home prices in China‘s 70 major cities fell 1.5 percent in May from a year earlier, Reuters calculations based on official data published on Monday showed, and the pace of decline picked up in major cities such as Shanghai. It was the third straight monthly decline on a year-on-year basis since the government imposed … Continue reading »

Aquino calls back boats from the Huangyan Island

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The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs announced on June 16 that President Aquino had ordered all Philippine ships to withdraw from the Huangyan Island sea area. Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert Ferreros del Rosario said on that day that due to the increasingly worse weather, President Aquino issued an order on June 15 to … Continue reading »

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