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China Daily Mail

June 6 2012 China Daily Mail Headlines

Chinese scientist convicted of stealing Merck drug formula

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A Chinese scientist employed by one of the country’s primary pharmaceutical research firms was found guilty of stealing and selling patented medical compounds owned by Merck & Co., according to a court document. The Shanghai Pudong New Area People’s Court ruled that a researcher at WuXi PharmaTech (Cayman) Inc. stole and sold two Merck compounds … Continue reading »

Bo Xilai’s father-in-law, close friend, involved in complicated banker’s case in China

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Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily says in its comprehensive report that Yang Kun, the vice president of the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) under investigation by the Central Disciplinary Commission, is said to have huge unaccountable assets, and to have been involved in many cases. Besides the huge loan of 3 billion yuan (US$555 million) to … Continue reading »

China Rebuts US Human Rights Report With Its Own Version

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The annual human rights reports released by the United States have triggered strong opposition–in Iran, Syria, Pakistan and Belarus. That’s according to a news story from China’s state-run China Central Television. So the US released its annual human rights report last Thursday. And in response, China’s  Information Office of the State Council released its own … Continue reading »

China’s counter attack will be horrible, says Chinese military leader

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In potential confrontation, the weaker one tends to resort to bluffing, while the stronger one tends to conceal its enmity. According to Sun Tzu’s teaching, when you want to retreat, pretend that you are going to attack, while when you want to attack, pretend that you are going to retreat. “The art of war is … Continue reading »

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