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China Daily Mail

US Pacific Commander: Not take side in South China Sea disputes

China News

Radio and Television Hong Kong reports today, Commander of US Pacific Command Samuel Locklear said that the United States would not take side in the disputes over sovereignty in the South China Sea. He also said that he would strive to promote and build up satisfactory and undisrupted relations between American and Chinese troops.

He described China as a rising power and America as a mature power. How China rises and how America encourages China’s rise are very important for both sides. He said that satisfactory communications between American and Chinese troops may enhance mutual understanding between the two countries and facilitate world security. Contacts between the militaries are a channel for establishment of mutual trust between countries.

Locklear who has recently visited China, said that development in the relations between the militaries of the two countries are encouraging, and that he hoped the dialogue would continue.

Regarding the…

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