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China wants more clean energy & eco-cities

China News

The issue of energy could take up a hundred pages or more to do a proper job in covering China’s issues and the building of eco-friendly cities, so only a small picture is presented in this article.

The fact that China is looking elsewhere for it’s energy indicates that China has not looked hard enough at home. If consulted, one could propose the following: follow Germany’s example and convert all homes or apartments to be the most efficient possible, like the PassivHaus design. Then add Solar heating to every home with Heat Pumps to store excess heat in the ground and withdraw it as needed. Then, and only after having wrung out all the energy savings they could, out of every possible source, they should add Solar Photovoltaic panels and Helix windmills to help supply the needed electricity.

Something that China was doing right was building Biogas plants in rural…

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