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Cyber attacks – China embraces piracy 2.0

China Daily Mail

Night Dragon. Operation Aurora. Operation Shady RAT. In the past several years, internet security company McAfee and various media groups have pinned a series of high-profile hacker attacks with names worthy of spy novels on China-based groups.

Yet the attacks differed from the classic spy account in one notable respect: They were directed mainly at commercial, rather than government, secrets. Operation Aurora comprised the well-publicised attacks on Google and two dozen other companies, while Shady RAT included intrusions into more than 70 companies, governments and non-profit organisations. Night Dragon was a series of attacks on global oil, energy and petrochemical companies that sought out exploration details and financial data.

These high-profile attacks were just a tiny sampling of the espionage that companies face each year. The losses companies experience from these attacks are impossible to quantify, said Adam Segal, the Ira A Lipman senior fellow at the Council on Foreign…

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One thought on “Cyber attacks – China embraces piracy 2.0

  1. um.. dangerous and high technology! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

    Posted by Subhan Zein | April 8, 2012, 21:05

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