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Photographer’s Choice 3 – IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T60 (2009)

ThinkPad T60 delivers a sturdy design, a complete range of network connectivity, top-shelf performance, long battery life, and just enough ports for the typical business user.

The first new iteration of the ThinkPad T series since Lenovo bought the ThinkPad business from IBM, the ThinkPad T60 retains its trademark design but adds in the latest components, including Intel’s Core Duo chipset and a handful of new features.

IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T60

Core technology

ThinkPad T Series leads the way: Our best processors, fastest graphics, and durable, reliable data storage. It is why T Series notebooks have earned a place on the desks – and in the briefcases – of business leaders worldwide.


  • Powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processors


  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD3650 on T500 and ATI Mobility Radeon HD3670 on T400
  • Switchable graphics

Now with standard solid-state storage drives available. Solid-state drives or SSDs, access data faster, use less power and – with no moving parts – are considered less susceptible to damage and breakdown than traditional hard drives. Therefore, you get extra durability, longer battery life and faster boot and application load times.

In addition, Intel Turbo Memory on select ThinkPad T Series models helps speed boot time, loads applications faster, and saves power.

Energy efficiency

The new ThinkPad T Series has improved energy efficiency by more than 25% over previous T Series, which increases your mobile computing time. Hardware improvements like LCD Backlight Displays and SSD drives use less battery power and create less heat. Switchable graphics let you move to lower quality graphics when you need to maximise mobile computing time. In addition, when there is no activity, the optical disk drive and audio auto switch to a low power state. Coupled with software enhancements such as the new Green Power Scheme, Battery Stretch, and ThinkPad EnergySaver technology, the ThinkPad T Series lets you get the most out of your mobile computing time.

Graphics performance

New switchable graphics, LCD backlit displays, and DisplayPort technology features give you superior graphics performance on your ThinkPad T Series notebook.
Get improved battery life and lower energy consumption than discrete graphics systems with ThinkPad T Series’ new switchable graphics feature. And don’t worry; switchable graphics are easy to use. You can hot-key between Performance and Power Saving graphics modes, or switch via the software user interface. No reboot is required to switch modes, and one unified driver covers both discrete and integrated graphics. Whether you need high-end graphics support or to stretch your computing time, switchable graphics has you covered.

Experience brighter, crisper colours and lower power consumption life with the new LED backlit displays on the ThinkPad T Series. These new displays are bright without sacrificing battery life, with 25% brighter displays and using 2W less power than conventional CCFL displays. These high-resolution displays also contribute to the thin and light design of ThinkPad T Series notebooks, weighing 70 grams lighter than conventional displays. Users who travel frequently will appreciate the wide dimming range of the LED backlit display. This allows you to reduce brightness while still experiencing a crisp, comfortable display in dim environments such as an aircraft cabin. Finally, to protect the environment, our LED backlit displays are mercury-free.

Available on the new ThinkPad T500, the new DisplayPort video port gives you the ability to attach a high-resolution digital DVI monitor using a DisplayPort connector. DisplayPort is a next generation display interface technology used for a broad range of applications – not only for notebooks, but also for monitors, televisions, and projectors.

Wireless performance

Get the best wireless performance with a variety of connectivity choices with the ThinkPad T Series. The new T Series now comes with Mobile Broadband-ready, Ultra-Wideband Bluetooth, and WiMax-ready capability. Mobile Broadband-ready capability lets you connect to a mobile broadband network and switch to a different carrier during the life of the system. Ultra-Wideband lets you clear cable clutter and free up your USB ports by utilizing Certified Wireless USB technology. Take advantage of this technology today using a wireless USB hub, and in the future as wireless USB devices become available. Finally, the new ThinkPad T Series is WiMax-ready so you can take advantage of this emerging long-range wireless broadband technology.

And like all ThinkPad models, T Series notebooks come with convenient Access Connections™ software to manage your connectivity options as you move from location to location.

Cool and quiet

The third-generation fan and Adaptive Thermal Technology combine to make the new ThinkPad T Series the coolest and quietest T Series ever. New Thermal Design with tuned air flow provides cooler systems and balanced temperatures across the system. As a result, ThinkPad base cover temperatures run lower than any previous generation.

Adaptive Thermal Management automatically adjusts processor and fan speeds to keep a consistently quieter system. This puts the T Series into what we call silent/stealth mode, providing a more pleasant computing experience. Its 3-speed to 4-speed Fan transition mode also makes for improved acoustic levels, lowering its noise level by 3db.

Information security is more critical than ever in today’s mobile computing environment. That’s why Lenovo’s exclusive ThinkVantage® Technologies maximize security and convenience. The Client Security Solution offers your business an integrated security solution right out of the box. And select T Series notebooks feature an Integrated Fingerprint Reader, enabling biometric authentication with the swipe of a finger.

ThinkPad T400 notebooks are the first in the industry to offer Intel® Anti-Theft protection, an extra layer of security and manageability incorporated with Computrace® Data Protection™ and Intel vPro™ technology. Intel AT-p offers you the option of activating hardware-based, client-side intelligence to secure the PC and/or data if a notebook is lost or stolen. Because the technology is built into the PC hardware, it provides local, tamper-resistant defense that works even if the OS is reimaged, a new hard-drive is installed, or the notebook is disconnected from the network – for the ultimate in data protection and mobile security.


ThinkPad T Series notebooks are powerful and portable. Thanks to advanced chassis materials and innovative ThinkPad design, T Series models are thin, light and offer impressive battery life.

T Series models come with Lenovo Battery Stretch, a new feature of Power Manager that lets you make temporary selections in extreme situations to extend battery life beyond what your regular Power Manager settings might produce.

Green features

Lenovo considers green features a standard, not an option, and our T Series features energy-efficient, environmentally responsible notebooks that are EPEAT Gold qualified and Energy Star® 4.0 rated. Discover some of the features that make ThinkPad T Series some our greenest, most energy-efficient PCs ever.

  • LED backlit, mercury-free displays
  • Dual-core processors consume 10% less power than standard-voltage processors
  • 25% cooler and quieter than previous T Series
  • Switchable graphics feature uses 15% less power than previous T Series
  • SSD drives use 90% less power than standard hard drives
  • Low-wattage processor technology (25 watt processors)
  • Battery Stretch feature extends battery life and reduces waste
  • Reusable packaging is designed for minimum 5 reuses
  • Energy Calculator enables you to calculate power savings for your system configuration

Additional features

T Series notebooks are available with a variety of convenience and multimedia features and software, including:

Full-size, ergonomic keyboard

T Series features the famous ThinkPad keyboard, renowned for its full array of keys and excellent feel.


ThinkPad is famous for the little red TrackPoint in the center of the keyboard.

7-in-1 Media Card Reader

The ThinkPad T500 features a 7-in-1 media card reader supporting many popular multimedia card formats.


A tiny LED in the top edge of the display lights the keyboard so you can keep working even in the dark.

Boost Your Performance with a Solid State Drive
Samsung SSD launches applications faster, and eliminates hard drive crashes, ensuring your valuable data stays safe and sound.


Lenovo offers a full line of accessories, including docks, port replicators, wireless mice and extra batteries.

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One thought on “Photographer’s Choice 3 – IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T60 (2009)

  1. My first laptop was a ThinkPad, little earlier model then this … brilliant – bought it second hand – what I had problems with was that little red button *smile – never understood to work it properly. Quite heavy – but very, very stable and solid – just like a German car. *smile – even if not silver metallic.

    Posted by viveka | March 18, 2012, 19:30

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