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Hatta Village (Heritage Village) Dubai

Dubai Hatta Village Heritage VillageThe Hatta Village, or Dubai Heritage Village, is constructed around an old settlement and is a recreation of a traditional style mountain village set in an oasis. The Dubai Heritage Village helps you discover the old world charm of barasti or palm leaves and mud houses. There’s a large central fort and tower which overlooks the Dubai Heritage Village. Other added attractions of Heritage Village are falaj, an oasis and vegetated seating areas where you can cool your heels.

Signs in Arabic and English will guide visitors to various sections of the Heritage Village which include an old mosque, dating back 200 years, and the Al Husen Majlis, where the governor of the Heritage Village received guests and visitors. Al Husen contains the conference room, the governor’s living quarters and weapons room.

There are several outdoor meeting places and resting areas in Heritage Village known as Al Hadeera, also known as Al Barza in the local language of Heritage Village, where visitors will be served coffee and dates.

Heritage Village of Dubai mainly focuses on the Emirate’s past maritime, pearl diving traditions and architecture, the village guide has a storybook that displays some heritage pictures of Dubai, including a tented Bedouin village, ancient armory, wooden chests and cooking utensils.

History of Heritage Village

Dubai dates back 20 to 30 centuries. Hatta village is considered one of the most ancient village locations in the Emirate of Dubai. It is distinguished by its fortified buildings, and has about 30 houses, which have been fully restored to their old Village style. This Traditional Heritage Village was located near the mouth of the Creek, and was created by potters and weavers. Visitors can look back in time and experience some of Dubai’s heritage.

In the Dubai Heritage Village, all houses are in the traditional Hatta style, showing a majlis, store, kitchen, master bedroom and children’s room. The village is overlooked by two round towers, the Southern and Northern Towers of the Heritage Village, which were built to protect the city from external attacks. These towers of the Village were built in the 1880s, When Shaikh Hasher bin Maktoum bin Butti was the Ruler of the Dubai.

Visiting Places in Dubai Heritage Village

Visitors to Dubai Heritage Village will get a glimpse of the traditional and social life of Dubai’s historical villages. In the houses of Heritage Village, there are three rooms inside one house, one of them showing private room used to entertain family and guests, the second room of has scenes of social life of villagers and the third the impact of outdoor life on the Village.

The Palm Tree products house in Dubai Heritage Village contains two rooms, one displaying palm tree products of the Village such as items made a large compound leaf of a palm and the other room of that house shows dates and how to make honey from dates.

Traditional handicrafts house in the vollage shows various types of traditional and regular occupation such as blacksmith, farmer, etc. A photo studio gives opportunities to the peoples and visitors to take pictures of the local people.

Livelihood Of The People of Dubai Heritage Village

The people of Dubai Heritage Village earn money from the visitors. There are traditional works such as dyeing cloths using colours of vegetables, farming, and blacksmiths.  Visitors can also rent rooms in the hoses of the village, with the money going to the local house owner. A pearl diving ship carries 10-60 people on board for a tour. The team comprises a captain, some divers, seeb, and other staff of the ship.

Divers often risked their lives to collect pearl from the sea bed. They used to dive deep for more than two minutes to collect a handful of oysters. The season lasted only for six months starting from April because the Gulf waters during this season were warm and safe. A diver displays this skill at the Hatta Village. The Emirate of Dubai was most active in this adventurous occupation and owned about 335 pearl fishing dhows at a time.

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