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Unjust Rent Increases Force People Onto The Streets

One of the most despicable actions forcing people onto the streets are the tactics of unscrupulous real estate agents (realtors). These unconscionable people play on the fact that, with rising interest rates, many people are forced out of the homes they own. Therefore, there are now more people looking for rentals than there are rentals available. So the realtors simply put the rents up by exorbitant amounts, and if the existing tenants can’t afford it, then they are forcibly removed.

Many such tenants are long-term residents, including pensioners, who just simply can’t afford the higher rents. So where do they go, when just about all realtors are doing the same thing. Again, those that are among society’s most vulnerable, pensioners and low wage earners, are being shafted, and there seems little that is being done about it.

Owners have been approached by the media, as in tonight’s episode of Today Tonight (Australia), and claim that it is not them, that the matter is entirely in the hands of the realtors. The realtors claim they are only doing what the owners tell them, and they are looking after the best interests of the owners. It is obvious from this blame shifting that both owners and realtors know what they are doing is reprehensible, but refuse to be accountable for their nauseating actions.

In the mean time, people are being evicted into the streets, welfare agencies are stretched to the limit, and the homelessness problem increases.

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2 thoughts on “Unjust Rent Increases Force People Onto The Streets

  1. Yes, this is despicable and I have seen it with mine eyes.

    Posted by G.D. Hardin | February 23, 2012, 17:15

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