Community Activities
  • Senator Andrew Bartlett – Assisting the Senator and his staff with issues of homelessness and marginalisation in society
  • Vodafone World of Difference Program – Australia’s only social awareness program, for work with homelessness and Big Issue magazine. Four people selected from over 500 nominations Australia-wide
  • Social Ventures Australia – PriceWaterhouseCooper (Accountants) invitation workshops, including Government ministers and community leaders
  • Know Your Community Forums – organised by Queensland Health Service, addressing mental illness and homelessness, involving about 400 community assistance organisations
  • Homelessness Awareness – social awareness program organised by Country Women’s Association of Queensland, addressing homelessness, substance abuse and mental illness
  • Red Cross (Australia) – Area Coordinator and Chairperson
  • Australians For Reconciliation (Aboriginal Reconciliation) – Area Coordinator, Chairperson and Local Group Founder
  • Australasian Order of Buffaloes – Community Service Organisation
  • State Emergency Services of NSW – Contract Trainer and Volunteer Rescue Worker
  • Bush Fire Brigade of NSW – Volunteer Firefighter
  • St John Ambulance Brigade (Australia) – Volunteer Ambulance Officer


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