Week 16 Integers in Sentences
Identifying integers

Write an integer suggested by each of the following examples. Identify the direction words (positive or negative).

  • The minimum temperature in Moscow on 1 January 2006 was 15 degrees below zero.
  • The maximum temperature in Jerusalem on New Year’s Day 2006 was a mild 23 °C.
  • Naomi had no money left, so she borrowed $20 to spend at the movies.
  • Sila’s bank statement showed that he was in the red (owed) by $150.
  • Luis deposited S20 into his account.
  • Our unit at Surfer’s Paradise was 11 floors above the ground floor.
  • The lift went 2 floors below ground level.
  • Paul ran up 5 flights of stairs.
  • ANZ recorded a profit of $1 billion.
  • Matthew gained 600 g in one week.
  • Telstra shares were down from $3.80 to $1.80.
  • The temperature rose by 15°C.
  • The store advertised a discount of 15%.
  • Oil prices fell by $18 a barrel.
  • The year 800 BC.
  • An altitude of 700 m below sea level.

Comparing Temperatures

Consider the following temperatures:

  • Antifreeze is a chemical used in car radiators. It lowers the freezing point of the coolant to -15°C.
  • Azizia in Libya recorded a temperature of 58°C.
  • Pure water freezes at 0°C.
  • Pure water boils at 100°C..
  • The average annual temperature in Antarctica is -49°C.
  • The world’s lowest temperature of -86.6°C was recorded at Vostok in Antarctica.

List the temperatures that are negative

List the temperatures that are:

  • greater then 20°C
  • less than -20°C
  • greater than -30°C
  • less than -40°C
  • between -10°C and -60°C.

True or false? The average temperature in Antarctica is greater than the freezing point of coolant in a car radiator with antifreeze added.



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