Foundation Skills

esl-bannerFoundation Skills

Each unit consists of six hours tuition:

Unit 1

Sentence structure
Present tenses
Sentence order with adverbs of frequency
Have or have got?
Planning a personal profile

Unit 2

Narrative tenses
Past perfect tenses
Past time expressions
Prepositions for time expressions
Writing a narrative

Unit 3

Topic sentences and paragraphs
Making comparisons
Paragraphs and outline summaries
Sentence stress and intonations
Writing informal letters
Writing informal letters
Adjective with –ed and –ing
Writing formal letters of complaint

Unit 4

Describing people
Present perfect and past simple
Present perfect simple and present perfect continuous

Unit 5

Making future predictions
Will or going to?
Relative clauses
Describing objects, procedures and instructions
Writing instructions

Unit 6

Giving opinions
Describing a place
Describing visual information
Phonemes (dipthongs)

Unit 7

Future forms
Verb patterns
Functions and situations

Unit 8

Passive forms
Fact or opinion?
Extended topics
Writing a description of a graph
Explaining stages in a process

Unit 9

Modal verbs of probability
Writing essays
Conditional tenses

Unit 10

Rules, obligation and permission
Giving a presentation


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