English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

esl-bannerEnglish for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Each unit consists of six hours tuition:

Unit 1

Previewing a text (skimming)
Use of context to understand words
Using descriptive adjectives
Use and placement of adjectives

Unit 2

Scanning a text
Organising an opinion paragraph
Subject-verb agreement

Unit 3

Taking notes
Writing a summary
Parallel structure

Unit 4

Using a graphic organiser
Phrasal verbs
Stating reasons and giving examples
Gerunds and infinitives

Unit 5

Using referents to understand contrast
Using the dictionary
Writing a narrative essay
Shifts between past and present

Unit 6

Making inferences
Participles as adjectives
Writing a problem/solution essay; thesis statements
Passive voice

Unit 7

Using a timeline
Collocations with nouns
Writing a cause/effect essay
Complex sentences to show cause and effect

Unit 8

Identifying the author’s purpose, audience and tone
Using the dictionary
Writing an opinion essay with counterargument
Sentence fragments


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