Business English

esl-bannerBusiness English

Each Level consists of 12 x 3 hour sessions
plus 20 hours independent study

Business English Level 1 – concepts and vocabulary for basic business skills

  • Interpersonal Relationships – Self-awareness, Values, Communication, Self-Esteem, Assertiveness
  • Groups and Teams – Work Groups; Work Teams, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Goal Setting
  • Life Skills – Leadership, Active Listening, People and Prejudice

Business English Level 2 – concepts and vocabulary for managers

  • Economics – Concept, Types, Cycles, EPIs
  • Business Basics – Context, Planning, Objectives, KPIs
  • Business Functions – Human Resource Management, Legal Requirements, Industrial Relations
  • Business Functions – Management Styles, Management Roles, Decision Making, Ethics
  • Marketing – Marketing Role, Tactical Marketing, Target Marketing, Marketing Relationships
  • Business Functions – Accounting, Financial Management, Math Concepts and Techniques

Business English Level 3 – concepts and vocabulary for international trade

  • International Business Environment – History of Globalisation, Current Trends, Future Trends
  • International Business External Environment – Political, Economic, Trade Relations, Legal, Financial, Technology, Socio-cultural
  • International Business Internal Factors – Leadership, Management, Communication, Intercultural, Ethics, Social Responsibility
  • International Marketing – Development, Cultural Norms, Ethics

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