Advanced Academic Skills for University Study

esl-bannerAdvanced Academic Skills for University Study

This course is designed to prepare you for study at university level.
If you intend to study at Certificate II, II or IV level, you should complete the Preparing for Study at an Australian College or RTO course.
If you intend to study at Diploma level or above, you should complete the Reading and Writing Skills course as well.

The following topics are delivered in two hour sessions. Successful completion will prepare a student for the academic writing skills essential for study in western universities.

  • Critical Thinking
  • Grammar – Common Terms
  • Sentence Types
  • Using Commas
  • Using Semicolons and Colons
  • Analysing Assignment and Exam Questions
  • Referencing (Examples, In Text, Internet, Reference List, Quoting Authors)
  • Paraphrasing and Summarising
  • Sentence Problems
  • Paragraphs (Argument, Classification, Comparison, Definition, Description, Explanation, Illustration, Recount)
  • Subjective Verb Agreement
  • Grammar – Verb Tense
  • Pronouns
  • Apostrophes
  • Grammar – Parallel Structure
  • Capital Letters
  • Writing Numbers
  • Spelling (Problem Words, Rules)
  • Active and Passive Voice

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