Leadership and Management Courses

Please Note: Courses are Currently Unavailable Due To Illness

Ideal for international students unable to travel to Australia at present or

professional development for existing vocational teachers.

These courses are hyper-flexible, meaning extended time for each course and no deadlines for assessments.

Leadership and Management students normally complete Levels 1 to 3 of Business Studies before attempting these courses, but they are not a prerequisite.

Choose which course or units you want to study online.

You only pay for the unit(s) you want to study, if you don’t want to study the entire course.

Leadership and Management: Level 4

Unit 1: Administration

    • Manage business document design and development
    • Facilitate continuous improvement

Unit 2: Marketing

    • Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities
    • Establish and adjust the marketing mix

Unit 3: Human Resource Management

    • Manage recruitment, selection and induction processes
    • Manage human resource services

Unit 4: Sustainability

    • Manage risk
    • Develop workplace policy and  procedures for sustainability

Leadership and Management: Level 5

Unit 1: Leadership and Management

    • Manage finances
    • Provide leadership across the organisation

Unit 2: Business Planning

    • Develop and implement a business plan
    • Develop and implement strategic plans
    • Manage human resource strategic planning

Unit 3: Information Management

    • Manage knowledge and information

Unit 4: Marketing

    • Develop an advertising campaign
    • Manage the marketing process

Unit 5: Innovation

    • Lead and manage organisational change
    • Manage innovation and continuous improvement

Unit 6: Sustainability

    • Manage risk
    • Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

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