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A blogger is seeking compensation for the year he spent in a labour camp after posting a brief poem mocking now-disgraced politician Bo Xilai . Retired civil servant Fang Hong said he filed an appeal yesterday at the No 3 Intermediate Court in Chongqing .

Bo held extensive power in Chongqing until he was recently sacked as Communist Party chief and suspended from other posts in what was the country’s biggest political scandal in years. Fang, who was released on April 28, said he was prevented from seeing his family during his 12 months in the labour camp

Story from Associated Press:
China blogger seeking redress over labour camp term

A Chinese blogger is seeking compensation for a one-year labor camp sentence he served after posting a brief poem mocking now-disgraced politician Bo Xilai, in a test of the legal system’s willingness to examine scores of alleged abuses committed…

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